After 9 years of preparation and somewhere around 450 gigs, Chris Monaghan, in 2016 found himself invited to the studio of 12-time Grammy winner Bil VornDick.  That day, Bil just kept saying, “Play me another”. Hours later, Chris departed with an assignment in hand, to write 10 more songs. From then on, Chris has been fortunate to call Bil his mentor and producer.

What caught the music veteran’s attention was Chris’s comfort in being true to himself and expressing it through a unique, fresh writing style.

Coupling the fresh singer songwriter/pop sound with dynamic guitar playing and warm vocals, Monaghan offers something worthy of your  listen.

The native Harford County, Maryland resident, moved to Nashville after high school graduation pursuing his passion full time.  Now at 20, Chris has his sights on performing on the college circuit, house concerts, and listening venues promoting his latest 12 song CD “Just Me”.

“Just Me “was recorded at Mountainside Audio Labs, Nashville, TN. Produced and engineered by VornDick.  The recordings feature Chris on guitar and vocals, hence the title for this project is quite fitting. One of the more interesting facts about the album, the vocal and guitar tracks were laid down together for an authentic, natural feel.  No auto-tuning is used, which is hard to come by in today's market. 

Asked about who influences his own personal sound, Monaghan responded, "If I had to pick one artist, John Mayer would be my biggest influence.  Dave Grohl, Bruce Springsteen, Ed Shereen, Ben Rechter are a few others I really look up to." Chris appreciates all genres of music and blends different aspects into his unique sound.  On that note, meet Artist, Chris Monaghan.